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Strengths: Training material is very good and tailored to our project needs. Self paced and geared toward the needs of SLB. All materials and models on-line for our future reference.  The instructor was extremely knowledgeable and helpful.  I greatly appreciated the Instructor's knowledge, ability and willingness to work out complex problems on the fly. The trainer has put forward extra effort to answer questions posted and consult on difficult project modeling problems.

Large truck company in Washington State

Outstanding work…Your class presentation captured the attendees attention effectively and efficiently conveyed the differences between software versions.  Further, your impressive “off the cuff” class, developed on extremely short notice, covering electrical detailing and routing proved very valuable for our electrical group. I feel we received great value for our training bucks spent and recommend your services without hesitation.

Polaris Industries/victory motorcycles

"PCS trained and implemented Pro/PROCESS. They showed our guys how to use the module and set up all the instances for us. I would recommend PCS to anyone."

"Their experience in data base management and customized training, along with their focus on best practices for user productivity were critical factors in the rapid implementation and training of the Pro/Intralink system within our division. "

"PCS came in and reviewed our processes and requirements and developed a customized Pro/Intralink installation with online documentation that met our needs. The transition to the new system was expedited by training our users and administrators via online tutorials. PCS is to be commended for their attention to detail that resulted in a very successful transition to the new DBM system. "


Surface course strengths: Instructor's depth of knowledge for answering questions. Training was easy to follow. The instructor was very helpful.

United Defense

Thanks again for your help and for the great job you did. We'll definitely consider you as an option for training if we have future needs of this type.

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Rev. Update, Intro to Pro/E, Fund. of Design, Fund. of Drawing, Surfaces, Pro/Process, Mechanica Thermal - Struct - Motion, Consulting, Modeling Support
   Steve Solek, CAE Manager, (281) 285-5343
   Steve Morgan, Lead Engineer, (918) 661-2820


Rev. Update & Pro/Intralink Implementation and Training
   Robert Youds , Senior CAD Manager, (763) 514-4936


   Home and Building Controls
Rev. Update, Layering, Photo-rendering, Sheetmetal Design, Large Asm Mgmt
   John Schaaf (763) 954-5265

   Commercial Aviation Systems
Rev. Update, Layering, Photo-rendering, Sheetmetal Design, Large Asm Mgmt
   Harry Nelson (763) 957-4744
   Jeff Dinsmore (763) 957-4582

   Inertial Components
Rev. Update
   Craig Jurchisin (612) 951-5165

Hennepin Technical College
Pro/Engineer 1 & 2
   Rick Montzka (763) 488-2501
Truck Company
Rev. Update & Cabling Implementation
   Steve Snyder, Senior CAE Engineer, (425) 828-5568
Additional Satisfied Training Clients
Cesco Products Nonin Medical
Cooper Cameron Production Engineering Corp
Hydril Company CyberOptics (cabling training)
Detector Electronics (Det-tronics) Fargo Electronics (cabling training)

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