Cadtrain courseware

The following links are to the specific lessons I developed for Cadtrain that made it into the final release for 2000i.

Cadtrain's developers did some additional word-smithing and modifications to "make them their own", but I feel that this set still accurately represents my work.

Please note...I still have a working relationship with Cadtrain, in that I am occasionally subcontracted to provide on-site training to their customers. So, please don't end that relationship prematurely by talking with them about what you have seen here; or the training material you plan on buying from us. Thank you.

Custom CBT lessons and instruction

The following links are to a few of the lessons we developed for various customers.

Courseware Authoring Tools

Most of our CBT development has utilized Macromedia's Dreamweaver software, and would be an option for creating additional materials.

Our current development plan for the creating the Mold Shop Course calls for the use of a high level authoring tool, instead of just using Dreamweaver to create html.

It has been established in the market for seven years and will allow faster production and maintenance, better navigation, and superior student interaction.

I would also be glad to incorporate any particular set of style requirements you have - utilizing Cascading Style Sheets.

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